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Tsunami in Indian Ocean (2004) 6 terrifying natural disasters in history

6 Terrifying Natural Disasters in History

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Along the history, there have been a lot if scary natural disasters that caused big loss such environmental damages, financial loss, and even deaths. Here are some horrifying natural disasters that ever happened.

China Flood (1931)

china flood 1931 6 terrifying natural disasters in history

The flood was caused by the overflow of Yellow River (Huang He). It was actually not the first time the river overflowed and caused flood. Even until now, Yellow River often causes floods. However, the one happened in 1931 is considered as the most horrible one as the disaster killed more people that you could imagine. Around 4 million people died not only because of the flood itself but also due to starving and diseases after the flood. It is no wonder that the Huang He River is then called China’s Sorrow.

Shaanxi Earthquake (1556)

shaanxi earthquake 1556 6 terrifying natural disasters in history

In 1556, the biggest earthquake happened in Shaanxi, China, where more than 800 thousands of people were killed and many others got injured. The earthquake damaged more than 90 districts.

Bhola Typhoon, Bangladesh (1970)

bhola typhoon, bangladesh (1970) 6 terrifying natural disasters in history

On 11th November 1970, a violent wind called Bhola Typhoon destroyed Pakistan (Bangladesh), killing 500 thousands of people. The Pakistan Government was protested because of their inability to handle the problems after the typhoon occurred.

Coringa Typhoon, India (1839)

natural disaster in India coringa cyclone 6 terrifying natural disasters in history

Coringa was a port in India. In 1839, a horrific typhoon ruined the town. As a result, around 20 thousands of boat got destroyed and 300 thousands of people died. Before this disaster happened, there had been some other natural disasters that struck the port. Until know the damages have not been repaired so that Coringa was just a small village.

Antioch Earthquake, Turkey (526 M)

antioch earthquake, turkey (526 M) 6 terrifying natural disasters in history

As the earthquake happened very long time ago, there might be not many documents about that. One thing for sure is the disaster was considered as one of the most horrendous ones along the history.

Tsunami in Indian Ocean (2004)

Tsunami in Indian Ocean (2004) 6 terrifying natural disasters in history

The Indian Ocean tsunami that struck 15 years ago was generated by an earthquake. Many people, most of them were children, were killed and lost as they were hurled by the water and crushed by debris.

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