Fugu, the Most Deadly Fish in the World

Fugu is a kind of rare and expensive fish originated from the Pacific Ocean. This fish is considered as poisonous because almost every part of it such as skin, muscle, liver, skin, and other organs contain tetrodotoxin which is a powerful toxin that is very harmful to anyone eating it.

fugu fish fugu, the most deadly fish in the world

Although Fugu is poisonous, this fish can still be eaten as long as it is carefully cooked. In Japan, various Fugu dishes are often exclusively served in high-class restaurants. For your information, only certified chefs are allowed to make these Fugu dishes. Restaurants that serve Fugu are also controlled by laws.

fugu – japanese dish made of poisonous fish fugu, the most deadly fish in the world

If Fugu is poisonous then why is it eaten? Of course, this fish is very special that many people still want to eat this risky Japanese delicacy although they know that it contains toxic and the price is expensive. What does its taste like? Actually, it has light and delicate flavor. It also has nice aroma yet subtle fishy taste. When you eat it, there is a short numb sensation that you may feel. Perhaps people who don’t like fishy taste will enjoy the dish.

It is often served as chirinabe and sashimi. Some restaurants also have Fugu soups and salads.

Fuku Fine Fugu Kaiseki Restaurant

You can try Fugu in only a few restaurants in Japan and other countries as well such as in the South Korea and even in the US. Fugu is rarely prepared domestically by individuals at homes. If you know someone, who is not a chef, cooks you Fugu dish, don’t eat it as it can cause accidental death.

beautiful fugu sashimi fugu, the most deadly fish in the world

All in all, Fugu is worth eating due to delicateness and savory flavor that cannot be found from other fish dishes. It is real delicacy that everyone should try. However, before you try Fugu, make sure that it is properly prepared and cooked by only trained professional chefs.

japanese puffer fish by zipangu's chef ishii takayuki fugu, the most deadly fish in the world