There are many stories about ghost ships in the world, from generation to generation the horror stories told about. The following is the story of  5 most famous ghost ship in the world.

1. The Octavius

The Octavius 5 Most Famous Ghost Ships Stories

The story begins from a whaling ship named the Herald in 1775 in the Arctic sea accidentally discovered a huge ship adrift in the ocean. When checked, it is known that ships name is The Octavius. The Octavius itself is also a whaling ship, there’s no signs of life on the ship until a Herald ship’s crew dared to climb aboard.

Surprisingly, the crew found dozens of bodies of the The Octavius crew’s ??was lying frozen, The Octavius crews are expected freeze to death after a long lost in the Arctic sea and running out of supplies. The most shocking is, apparently, The Octavius ship ??has been reported missing for 13 years ago, so, for 13 years The Octavius ship was adrift in the ocean, after the discovery of the ship, until now, many of news came that fishermen boats saw the appearance of The Octavius ??in the Arctic Ocean. but when it approached the ship suddenly disappeared in to the fog.

2. The Joyita

The Joyita 5 Most Famous Ghost Ships Stories

In 1955 a ship chartered by a group of fishermen which amounted 25 people, the ship are used to catch fish in the South Pacific ocean. In the agreement, the tenant must report every hour to the owner of the ship, but at the 7th hour, the vessel is not reporting. For the sake of the safety of the crew then sent a rescue teams to locate the ship.

After a search that involved all of the existing SAR teams, The Joyita was not found, until five weeks later found adrift 600 miles away. When the ship was found none of the 25 crew were found, the rescue team only found the damage alleged pirates had attacked the ship, the results of the investigation also found some blood spilled on the deck of the ship. Allegedly the pirates killed all the crew and threw them into the sea.


3. The Lady Lovibond

The Lady Lovibond 5 Most Famous Ghost Ships Stories

The Lady Lovibond is a ship that used to carry a pair of newlyweds for honeymoon, at the same time, some of the crew also participated in the ship, one of them is ex-boyfriend’s wife who not known by the husband who was named Simon Peel, ex-boyfriend’s wife feel resentment and killed the couple and all the crew with a dagger, and he rammed the ship into the cluster of coral until the ship sank on February 13, 1748.

Story of the ship’s awesomeness still exists today, recent report from the fishermen who had seen the ship in 1998 when they crossed the cluster of coral in place of the ship sinking.


4. The Mary Celeste

The Mary Celeste 5 Most Famous Ghost Ships Stories

The ship named Mary Celeste was a merchant ship who was found unmanned and adrift in the Atlantic Ocean in 1872. The most terrible thing is when the ship was found floating in the ocean without any crew found, but when leaving the ship carrying at least 80 crew.

When it is found, the ship is in very very good condition, there was no damage inside the ship even sailing still expands without tearing, other scary stories of the ship The Mary Celeste is the position of the goods on the vessel still in place.

If the ship is hijacked, the possibility of valuable items must be lost and at least if there is a resistance from the crew who could cause damage, but it was not found on this ship. The crew of this ship as just mysteriously disappeared. Some crazy theories about the ship began to emerge, some say if the ship accidentally entered the bermuda triangle and other stories say the crew was kidnapped by aliens. However the story of The Mary Celeste will remain a mystery until now.


5. The Flying Dutchman

Statue of The Flying Dutchman ship at cape of hope 5 Most Famous Ghost Ships Stories

And this is the most famous ghost ship stories in the world, The Flying Dutchman. a Dutch merchant ship who sailed the oceans in the 17th century to travel to the colonies at that time (allegedly Indonesia). Do you know the Suez Canal in the 17th century is yet exists, so if the ships from Europe who want to asia should around the African continent. The most difficult region when it is passed is cape of hope, because there is a current meeting between the warm Indian Ocean and the cold Atlantic ocean which resulted most ferocious ocean currents in the world. Named the Cape of hope because to pass this cape the only one to do is hoped that the ship did not swallowed by ferocious currents.

A ship captained by Van der Decken (from Ducth) spins in the cape because swallowed by ocean currents, frustrated because he could not get out from the the current, Van der Decken eventually become frustrated and mad so that he killed his wife, not only that, He swore to come out from the giant vortex of a width of 300km due to the meeting of ocean currents, He said “Though till end of the world, I’ll find a way out from this ocean”.

Disney cruise ship was passing the statue of The Flying Ship Duchman 5 Most Famous Ghost Ships Stories

The ship finally lost, and until now was never found, there is a story told Van der Decken was cursed because of his words. So he was condemned to continue to be in the ocean. Many stories told saw sightings the vessel until now.



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